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PCB Assembling Machine

PCB Fabrication Service

We provides wide variety of quick turn around printed circuit board prototyping & fulfills small series requirements of customers with full technology option:


Small Description :

* All our boards are manufactured under IPC-Class II Industry Standards.

* We provide our customers with individual, tailored solutions in each of its sectors and deliver high quality to customers, exactly to their specifications and requirements.

* We provide multiple-choice options from simple to high-end technology for different types of pcb’s.

* Track thickness/space 2mil / 2mil.
* Min. hole dia as 6 mil/4 mil.
* Impedance controlled testing facility in-house.
* Blind & buried vias.

PCB Designing

PCB Design from your schematic

PCB design and layout is our specialty. We will usually take your schematic, although not necessary, and create a professionally designed PCB just for you. Whatever your project may be, we’ll take your ideas and create a professionally designed PCB that fits your schematic.

Our PCB Design service is fast, reliable and always ready to go the extra mile to make you satisfied. Our PCB designers can deliver quality products at a very efficient and economical pace.

“If you don’t have a schematic, we can create one for you. We are also able to help get your design to the point where it’s ready for layout. We are here to serve you.”

Component Library Development and Maintenance:

* Process driven development.
* Dedicated Development Team.
* Symbols compliant with IEEE & with IPC – 7351 standards.
* Process driven development.
* Symbols compliant with IEEE and with IPC-7351 standards.
* Customized library development for different customers.

Printed Circuit Board Layout:

* High Speed digital, Analog, Mixed and RF designs.
* High Density PCBs : > 500 pins/Sq. inch.
* High Layer count boards : 20+ layers.
* Impedance/Delay matching.
* Blind and Buried Vias.
* Fine Pitch BGA (0.5mm).
* Motherboards, Backplanes.
* Mechanically constrained PCBs

Signal Integrity & High Speed Board Design

* Simulation using Eldo Spice and IBIS Models.
* Eye Pattern & Jitter analysis for multi-gigabit signals.
* Analysis of High Speed SERDES based designs.
* Multi-board system level simulation.

PCB Assembling

PCB Assembling Service

Apart from PCB manufacturing, we provides PCB Assembly services for prototypes & small series pcb’s. By combining expertise in PCB fabrication and assembly, our engineers are able to work with their customers to optimize the manufacturability of new designs.

For the customer this means a higher quality and more robust end-product. As any manufacturing issues are ironed out before production starts, our new combined operation ensures that even the fastest delivery requirements are met on schedule every time. Our assembly services are process oriented and high quality, giving the best possible repeatability.

The new service marks our ongoing commitment to our customers. We are continuously looking to develop new opportunities to enhance their products and save their time and money.

Some Assembling Ways :

* DIP Soldering Stations.

* Complete Anti-static setup.

* RoHS Compliance followed

* Following IPC-610A Class 3 procedure.

* Qualified Quality Assurance.

* PCB Repairs & Maintenance.

* Fine Pitch Soldering support

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