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Zip Level Altimeter
Altimeter Ziplevel is a new generation device that digitally measures and displays difference in levels with precision in any terrain or between two surfaces or points with +/- 3mm accuracy, based on patented gas-liquid system. The Ziplevel allows levels to be transferred to other points without any requirement of line of sight, accessories and provides a genuine one man operation in any construction, survey, precision engineering and metal based fabrication and manufacturing industries.
  • Quickly and easily level & read elevations or deviations from plane. No tripods, rod or line of sight required.

  • Provides a genuine one man operation.

  • Large operating radius of up to 50 m.

  • Measure depths by simply using the hold function that puts the module into a constant measurement mode allowing the module unit to be lowered -reading is frozen when the module unit is stable on the bottom surface

  • Works indoors or outdoors, through small gaps or in any surface terrain.

  • Auto shut-off function.

  • Extremely stable measuring lead with anti-kink protection, working temperature from -30°C to +70°C.

  • Up to 135 measured values can be saved in the memory.

  • Easy to transport: Measuring lead simply winds up and the compact unit can then be moved safely.



    Techanical Specifications:
    Measurement Range (Horizontal) +/-25m
    Measurement Range (Horizontal) +/-25m
    Measurement Range (Vertical) +/-6m
    Accuracy +/- 3mm
    Operating Range Max 50 m
    Working Temperature -30°C to +70°C
    Units mm/cm/m
    Reference Bottom or front of the measurement module, accuracy of 3mm
    Power Supply 9V battery
    Size ( in mm) 270 x 400 x 190
    Weight (in g) 3500

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