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Digital Sound Level Meter
A complete hand held sound meter  range of 32 ~ 130db for testing & inspection of noisy machinery, noise pollution checks, DG sets, air conditioning noise, industries, automotive etc. Built in calibration check Includes A & C Weighing db output. Min/Max. Level and Fast/Slow Functions. Accuracy:+/-1.5db The product is feature packed and very easy to use. The user can select weighting i.e "A" for human ear and "C" for mechanical noise.
Item Code-CT-SLM0

  • A and C frequency weighing selection
  • Fast and Slow detector indicator characteristics
  • 3½ Digit LCD display with bar graph
  • Max and Min hold indicator
  • Conform to : IEC 651 Type 2, ANSI 1.4 Type 2
  • AC signal output facility
  • Techanical Specifications:
    Measuring Range

    Low: 32dB ~80dB

    Med: 50dB~100dB

    Hi: 80dB~130dB

    Accuracy  +1.5dB (at Reference  Range)
    Reference Sound Level & Freq 94dB, 1kHz at straight direction
    Resolution 0.1db
    Detector Indicator Characterstics Fast :125ms Slow: 1ms
    Size 240  x 62  x 39mm
    Weight 224gm
    Power Source 9v battery
    Analog output Signal AC 1Vrms for each  range
    Sampling Rate 2 per second
    Environmental IP54, Dust, Dirt & water resistant
    Unit Tripod Mount 1/4'' x 20 camera tripod (opt.)

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