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 Rotational Laser 360°
Rotary Laser with rapid horizontal self leveling. Ideally suited for indoor & outdoor applications in construction and interior finishing work such as leveling of concrete foundations, electrical installations, leveling & alignment in ceilings and alignment & marking in engineering or steel structures.
Item Code-CT-ORL030
  • 2 stage scan mode: Spot mode, vertical reference
    beam and 90 reference points.
  • Automatic Leveling: Magnetically damped pendulum
    system utilizes gravity to consistently automatic level, eliminate set up time, guarantee accuracy and transfer reference points to multiple locations with high repeatability.
  • Automatic Out of Level Sensing: Audio (beeping
    sound)& Visual (blinking laser) indicators signals if the unit is out of level during or after setup.
  • Remote Control with built in laser receiver : The
    remote control allows for non directional, unobstructed operation of all functions of the rotary laser. The laser receiver allows utilization of the rotary laser in outdoor conditions even in direct sunlight. The all in on laser receiver and remote control unit has LCD displays both on front & rear. Allows one man operation
  • Techanical Specifications:
    OperatingRange upto 300m radius with
      laser reciever
    Accuracy 2mm to 10m
    Self Levelling range +/-3.5
    Laser Wavelength  635nm
    Rotation Speed 0,120,300 RPM
    Remote Control Range  15 m
    Scan Mode 2
    Prependicular Reference Beam 90 to plane of rotation
    Horizontal Levelling Automatic
    Vertical Levelling Manual
    Power Supply rechargeable Cell &
    Battery Operation Time Upto 20 Hours
    Tripod Mounting 5/8 in Mounting Thread
      of Laser
    Size in MM 190*155*200
    Weight In gm 1700
    Environmental IP54 Dust & water proof

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