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Digital Sound Level Meter
Standard: EN 13036-4(also conforming to EN 1097-8, ASTM E103) The instrument is mainly used for high-grade highways, urban roads and airport runways sliding performance testing. It applies to road surface friction coefficient of determination can be cut down to access. The instrument is easy to debug, simple operation, test data accuracy, stability, greatly improved, and can be used indoors and outdoors, is the building of high-grade highways, and other special equipment, testing instruments indispensable one.
Item Code-: EN 13036-4

Techanical Specifications:
Weight of pendulum: 1500gm
Orthocenter distance of Pendulum: 410mm
Face-on static pressure on pavement: 22.2NN
Distance between edge & center of pendulum: 508MM
Pendulum' s sliding distance on pavement: 126MM

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