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Crossliner 2rx
CT-02RX is a Multi Beam Laser Liner that provides true Horizontal & Vertical lines which Cross ahead and upper side of Floor function simultaneously for inspection & execution of countless level & plumb applications such as layout , marking & transfer of levels & plumb in Building Construction, construction of steel/iron based structures, precision engineering & fabrication.
  • Super High Visibility Beams up to 50 m
    with laser receiver
  • Automatic Leveling : Gravity leveled pendulum self
    leveling mechanism eliminates set up time & guarantees accuracy.
  • Automatic Out of Level Sensing : The audiovisual
    ( Blinking lasers & Beeping sound ) out of level indication signals if the unit is out of level after initial setup. This eliminates tool status checks & costly errors, saving time & money.

  • Multi Surface Attachment : The multisurface
    attachment base accessory included allows the ACL2RX to be mounted onto a tripod ofixed onto a wall. The base accessory also has built in magnets that allow the unit to be fixed to any horizontal or vertical magnetic responsive surface providing truly
    versatile utilization of the ACL2RX in a variety of construction, manufacturing and precision engineering environments.
  • Work Indoors & Outdoors : The Laser receiver
    provided with the ACL2RX allows leveling to be carried out in any ambient light conditions including bright sunny conditions in indoors & outdoors.

  • Techanical Specifications:
    Light Source 635 nm semiconductor Diode
    Laser Output Less than 1mw each classII
    Laser Line Width less than 3.5mm to 10m
    Accuracy +-1mm/5m or 40sec
    Self Levelling range +-3 degrees
    Wavelength 635nm*4(v)+635 nm*1+ 645nm*1(down point)
    Level Damping Type Magnetic Level
    structure 360 degrees turntablewith fine adustment function
    Power Supply 3*AA3*AA battery Alkaline
    Battery Life hours in continous use About 8 hours=All Lasers
    Working Distance with a radius of up to 10 m(50m by using detector)
    Size(mm)> 4 in 1(52*43*29/cm3)
    Weight(in g) 1.3 kgs net
    Dimensions 200mm*200mm
    Tripod 1/4*20(collapsible)

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