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Distance Measurement
Laser Distance Meter
Laser based professional distance measurement  applications.
Laser Range Finder 1500
The LX1500 ELITE is an extremely advanced premium Laser range finder  
Worlds first Digital Measuring wheel. The Digital Measuring wheel consists of

Laser Range Finder 1000
laser range finder providing 5~1000 yards outdoor capability with
Laser Levelling Device
2 Beam Crossline laser that provides Vertical & Horizontal lines which
Rotational Leser360°
Rotary Laser with rapid horizontal self leveling. Ideally suited for indoor
Compact Digilevel
Ideal product for Inspection and implementation of level, precision...
Digilevel 60°
Ideal product for inspection and implementation of level, plumb, slopes fabrication.
Survey Products
Auto Level 32
The Auto level (traditionally referred to as a dumpy level) is an performance
Digital Theodolite
Digital theodolite is a modern engineering instrument for measuring
Ziplevel Altimeter
Altimeter Ziplevel is a new generation device that digitally measures
Material Inspection
Ultrasonic Thickness Guage
Entry level ultrasonic thickness gauge for measurement of material
Coating Thickness Gauge
Entry level coating thickness gauge that meets standards of both ISO 2178 and ISO
Digital Vernier
For convenient, fast & accurate measurmentsDisplay can be zeroed at any point along the slide 
Digital Micrometer
For convenient, fast & accurate measurements. Display can be zeroed at any
Non Destructive Testing
Ultrasonic Thickness Guage
For chasing /cutting grooves in walls for installation of MS/PVC pipes,
Electronic Metal Locator
Laser based professional distance measurement deviceindoor
Digital Moisture Meter
A reliable instrument for moisture testing in materials
, timber, stone...
Mechanical Concrete Test Hammer
The Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) test is the quickest, simplest and
Digital Concrete Test Hammer
The Concrete Test Hammer (Schmidt Hammer) test is the quickest, simplest method
Power Tools & Toolkit
Cordless Drill
High quality Cordless Drill with Li-ion Battery with no memory loss. Useful for wood
Civil Enggineering Tool Kit
An essential toolkit for ground operatives & technicians for use all fields like construction
Carpenter Tools Kit
810 w Impact Drill, 3 Pcs Pliers(nosed, Slip Joint & Combination), 1 pc saw, 2 pcs chrome
Plummers Toolkit
An essential toolkit for ground operatives & technicians for maintenance
Wall Chaser
1400w Wall Chaser; No load Speed: 10000 rpm; cutting Depth:0-30mm
Electrical Screw Driver
Electrical Screw Driver for the fast screwing or unscrewing the bolts and nuts ..
Electronic Demolish Hammer
Hard Hitting ideal for horizontal work on constant speed control automatically 
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